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#103 : Baiser

Bannière Heartstopper - Nick à la fête

Les étincelles fusent lors d'un anniversaire où Tara, une amie de Nick, se confie à lui. Inspiré, ce dernier fait part de ses sentiments à Charlie, et ils se rapprochent.


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Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) sourit à quelqu'un

Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) sourit à quelqu'un

Nick est en plein milieu de la piste de danse

Nick est en plein milieu de la piste de danse

Imogen Heaney (Rhea Norwood) danse seule

Imogen Heaney (Rhea Norwood) danse seule

Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) et Tara (Corinna Brown) partagent une danse

Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) et Tara (Corinna Brown) partagent une danse

C'est l'heure du slow entre Imogen et Nick

C'est l'heure du slow entre Imogen et Nick

Darcy Olsson (Kizzy Edgell) passe un bon moment

Darcy Olsson (Kizzy Edgell) passe un bon moment

Tara Jones (Corinna Brown) s'éclate à la soirée

Tara Jones (Corinna Brown) s'éclate à la soirée

Darcy et Tara s'embrassent au milieu des danseurs

Darcy et Tara s'embrassent au milieu des danseurs

Plus de détails

Scénario : Alice Oseman
Réalisation : Euros Lyn

Distribution :

  • Kit Connor : Nick Nelson
  • Araloyin Oshunremi : Otis Smith
  • Cormac Hyde-Corrin : Harry Greene
  • Rhea Norwood : Imogen Heaney
  • Joe Locke : Charlie Spring
  • Ashwin Viswanath : Sai Verma
  • Evan Ovenell : Christian McBride
  • Yasmin Finney : Elle Argent
  • William Gao : Tao Xu
  • Tobie Donovan : Isaac Henderson
  • Joseph Balderrama : Julio Spring
  • Momo Yeung : Yan Xu
  • Corinna Brown : Tara Jones
  • Kizzy Edgell : Darcy Olsson
  • Sebastian Croft : Ben Hope
  • Georgina Rich : Jane Spring

Outside of Truham
Harry : Nicholas...
Nick : All right?
Harry : How's it?
Nick : It's fine. Normal.
Harry : Pleased for you, mate.
Nick : So, uh, what's up?
Harry : Here to talk about the party, mate.
Nick : Party?
Harry : My sixteenth birthday party. St. George's Hotel, this Saturday. You're going to be there.
Nick : Uh... Yeah. Sounds good.
Harry : You'd better bring some cool people with you.
Imogen : You going to invite me?
Nick : Um, only if you're cool enough, apparently.
Imogen : Um, do you not think I'm cool, Nick Nelson?
Nick : Fine, I... I guess I can invite you, Imogen.
Imogen : Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

Episode title card

Truham’s locker rooms
Boy 1 : You know Tara Jones is going to be there.
Boy 2 : Mate, she is fit. Nick is going to have his pick of two girls.
Boy 1 : Who's the other girl?
Boy 2 : Imogen, obviously. Everybody knows she fancies him.
Nick : Hey, what?
Boy 1 : Oh, um... Nothing. We're talking about Tara Jones. She's going to be at Harry's party.
Nick : What about her?
Boy 1 : Thought you might be interested, mate. Didn't you have some childhood romance with her?
Nick : We don't have a thing. We just kissed at a party one time.
Boy 1 : Yeah, three years ago.
Boy 2 : Nick's got a thing with Imogen now?
Nick : No, no, I don't.
Boy 1 : He has two proper fit girls trying to get with him, and he's not even bothered.
Harry : If you're not into Imogen, then Saturday night's your chance with Tara. That's all I'm saying.
Nick : Yeah. Maybe.

Truham’s room B25
Charlie : Hi.
Nick : Do you want to go to Harry's party? With me.
Charlie : Oh. I... I don't know. It doesn't sound like my sort of thing.
Nick : Please come. I want you to be there.
Charlie : Okay.

Charlie’s bedroom
Message from Charlie to Tao, Elle and Isaac : NICK INVITED ME TO HARRYS PARTY
Message from Charlie to Tao, Elle and Isaac : IM SCREAMING AJDBSJSBSISBF
Message from Elle to Tao, Charlie and Isaac : omg you’re going to a popular people party
Message from Tao to Elle, Charlie and Isaac : wait isn’t that tomorrow??
Message from Charlie to Tao, Elle and Isaac : yeah? why?
Message from Tao to Elle, Charlie and Isaac : i though we were having a film night round my house tomorrow
Message from Charlie to Tao, Elle and Isaac : i’m so sorry i totally forgot ☹
Message from Charlie to Tao, Elle and Isaac : i told Nick i would go with him to the party
Message from Tao to Elle, Charlie and Isaac : you said you’d hang out with us!!
Message from Charlie to Tao, Elle and Isaac : can we just do that another time?
Message from Tao to Elle, Charlie and Isaac : it’s our film night!! it’s sacred!! Isaac and Elle, back me up on this!!
Message from Charlie to Tao, Elle and Isaac : i know, i’m sorry. i’ll make it up to you!
Message from Elle to Tao, Charlie and Isaac : it’s okay, it can just be us three tomorrow and we’ll do something us four soon! 😊

Outside of Harry’s Party
Julio : Pick up at 10:00, okay?
Charlie : Can't it be 11:00?
Julio : No, 10:00 is late enough.
Charlie : Fine.
Julio : Charlie...
Charlie : Yeah?
Julio : Call me if you need me, okay?
Charlie : I will. Thanks, Dad.

Harry’s Party
Nick : Hey!
Imogen Hey! How are you? Yeah? Great! Do you like my dress?
Nick : Yeah.

Charlie : I've been looking for you.
Nick : I've been looking for you.

Tao’s Home
Yan : Elle! Oh, my goodness. Oh, it's been too long, my darling.
Elle : Hi, Yan.
Tao : Mum, she's here to see me.
Yan : Oh, but I've missed her so much. I want to hear everything.
Elle : Mmm...
Yan : How are you doing, my love? New school okay?
Elle : Yeah, it's all really good.
Yan : Good.
Tao : Mum.
Yan : Okay, okay. In you come, I'll put the kettle on.
Elle : Okay.
Tao : I swear to God, she loves you more than me.

Tao’s bedroom
Tao : Lady Bird?
Elle : No.
Tao : Moonlight?
Elle : Moonlight's so sad, I don't want to cry.
Tao : What about Arrival?
Elle : Oh, my God, that's even sadder. Can't we just watch something funny?
Tao : I thought we were having a film night.
Elle : Yeah, a fun one.
Tao : I wanted it to be like old times.
Elle : Well, it's not old times anymore.
Message from Isaac to Elle and Tao : sorry gang, I’m super sick and can’t make it tonight. enjoy your evening
Elle : Oh.
Tao : Just us then.
Elle : Just us.

Harry’s Party
Nick : I'm being serious. I've never ever seen anyone. I literally dragged my mum to play Mario Kart...
Harry : Nicholas!
Nick : All right, mate.
Harry : Why are you hanging out in here? It's a bit boring, innit?
Nick : We just are.
Harry : I've got important news for you.
Nick : Yeah, what?
Harry : Tara Jones is here.
Boys : Hey!
Nick : So what?
Harry : So this is your big second chance, mate. Let's make it happen. They kissed when they were 13. Proper romantic. He should go for it, right? Come on, mate.
Nick : Harry.
Harry : Come on. She's just down the corridor.
Nick : I haven't talked to her for years.
Harry : So? She's super hot, man. All right, ladies! Hey, Tara, I've got someone who wants to see you. You remember Nick Nelson?
Tara : Uh... Yeah. Hi.
Nick : Hi.
Tara : How are you?

Tao’s bedroom
Tao : Charlie's changing.
Elle : What do you mean?
Tao : He's gone to rich-boy Harry's parties. Last year he would have rather died than go to one of those.
Elle : Well, I don't think he's there to see Harry, to be honest.
Tao : Nick's stolen him.
Elle : That's a little dramatic.
Tao : It doesn't matter why he's there, he should be with his actual friends.
Elle : I think Nick is his friend.
Tao : So you're on his side?
Elle : Tao, there aren't any sides. Let's just stop talking about this.
Tao : Fine.

Harry’s Party
Nick : Anyway, sorry about this. I don't know why my friends want to set us up. Not that you're not, like, um, you know... I don't really feel that way...
Tara : Nick, it's fine, I don't feel that way about you either.
Nick : Yeah.
Tara : All of this could have been avoided if I just...
Nick : What?
Tara : Told everyone I was a lesbian.
Nick : Well, yeah, um, but that's not something you'd want to lie about.
Tara : Wouldn't be a lie.
Nick : What? Oh. You actually are?
Tara : There's my girlfriend over there. We've mostly been keeping it quiet.
Nick : Yeah. So why are you telling me?
Tara : Me and Darcy have been talking, and honestly, we feel like we don't need to keep it that quiet anymore.
Nick : You mean, like, come out?
Tara : Not necessarily. Um, we don't want to make a big announcement, but... Maybe just not hide so much.
Nick : That's cool. I mean, I've only ever met one openly gay person before. Do you know Charlie Spring?
Tara : Yeah, I know of Charlie Spring. Uh, are you friends?
Nick : Yeah, we sit next to each other in form. He's probably... Yeah, he probably is my best friend right now.
Tara : Oh! Want to dance?
Darcy : Yes, please.
Tara : Got to go.

Harry : Hey, look who's by himself. Nick! Where you going?
Nick : I'm going to go find Charlie.
Harry : What, that nerdy little Year 10? Why do you even hang out with him?
Nick : He's my friend.
Harry : But why? Do you feel sorry for him 'cause he's gay?
Nick : What?
Harry : Oh, my God, no, wait, wait. Do you think he has a crush on you? Oh, my God, how sad.
Nick : That's homophobic, Harry.
Harry : Come on, mate.
Nick : And I really don't like you. Happy birthday.

Tao’s bedroom
Tao : Sorry I made tonight weird.
Elle : You didn't.
Tao : I did. I just miss how things used to be. With the four of us.
Elle : Yeah. Well, sometimes change is a good thing.
Tao : Yeah. That's true.
Elle : And Harry's party probably isn't even that bad. Some of my friends said that they were going.
Tao : Friends from Higgs?
Elle : Yeah.
Tao : You made some friends?
Elle : Yeah, you jealous?
Tao : No, no. I'm happy for you.
Elle : I was really scared no one would like me, so... I didn't even try talking to people at first. But then I realized I actually needed to put myself out there or I'd just be alone. So I think I'm going to be okay there. At Higgs. That's a good change, right?
Tao : Yeah. It's a good change.

Harry’s Party
Charlie : Sorry.
Ben : Hey.

Nick : Charlie.

Ben : Look, I'm sorry about what happened. Have you finished sulking about it?
Charlie : Leave me alone.
Ben : Oh, come on.
Charlie : Do not touch me!

Tao’s bedroom
Elle : I miss you guys though.
Tao : Yeah. We miss you a lot too.
Elle : Yeah?
Tao : Yeah. I kept buying your apple juice.
Elle : What?
Tao : I kept accidentally buying your apple juice at the start of term.
Elle : Tao, that's so dumb.
Tao : I know. Can we promise that no matter what happens we'll always prioritize our friendship?
Elle : Sounds a bit dramatic.
Tao : No, I'm serious. Like, no matter what changes, we always put our friendship first. We'll still go bowling and watch creepy documentaries, and stay up to watch the Oscars. And we'll always be able to talk about deep stuff. Like this.
Elle : Promise.

Harry’s Party
Imogen : Nicholas! Come dance with me!
Nick : I can't dance.
Imogen : I don't care.
Nick : Sorry, I have to go. I was just looking for someone.
Imogen : No, stay with me! I want to hang out with you. Do you like me?
Nick : What?
Imogen : I really like you, Nick. You don't have to reply right now, I just wanted you to know.
Nick : Okay. Um... I'm going to find my friend.

Nick : Hi.
Charlie : Hi.
Nick : You left.
Charlie : Sorry, I... I felt like I was in the way. And your Year 11 friends are kind of intimidating.
Nick : Yeah. I don't know if I want to hang out with those guys anymore. I'd rather hang out with you, anyway.
Charlie : So, I just ran into Ben.
Nick : Ben?
Charlie : Yeah. I mean... I dealt with it. He tried to, like, apologize for what happened, but I pushed him into a wall and told him to go away. I think he got the message this time.
Nick : I'm so proud!
Charlie : Shut up. 
Nick : It's kind of noisy in here, isn't it?
Charlie : Yeah.
Nick : Shall we go somewhere quieter?
Charlie : Okay.
Nick : Come on.

Nick : You want to race?
Charlie : You want to race me?
Nick : No, no, no.
Charlie : You want to race? Come on!
Nick : Wait, stop! You're going too fast! Slow down!
Charlie : Come on!
Nick : I'm dying!
Charlie : It's 'cause you're old. Whoa!
Nick : Yeah.
Charlie : How did Harry hire this entire place?
Nick : Oh, he's, like, extremely rich.
Charlie : He should have gone on My Super Sweet 16.
Nick : So he could cry when his parents got him the wrong color Lamborghini.
Charlie : Exactly. So... Was Harry being serious? Do you like Tara?
Nick : What? No! No, definitely not.
Charlie : Uh... So you don't have a crush on anyone at the moment?
Nick : Well... I didn't say that.
Charlie : Oh. What's she like then?
Nick : You're just going to assume they're a "she"?
Charlie : Are they... Are they not a girl?
Nick : Um...
Charlie : Would you go out with someone who wasn't a girl?
Nick : I don't know. Maybe.
Charlie : Would you kiss someone who wasn't a girl?
Nick : I don't know.
Charlie : Would you kiss me?
Nick : Yeah.
Charlie : You okay?
Nick : I...
Harry : Nick, are you up here? I just want to talk, mate. Why are you hiding?

Harry : And like, it's all just banter, isn't it? I mean, the lads can see it's banter. You can see it's banter. There's no need to start anything, just 'cause you're in a bad mood at my party.
Nick : Yeah. Guess I was just in a mood.
Harry : Yeah. Exactly. So we're good?
Nick : Yeah. Just going to go find the loo.

Nick : Charlie.

Outside of Harry’s Party
Julio : Hey. Hey, you okay? It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. I've got you. I got you. Everything's going to be okay.

Charlie’s imagination
Charlie : Would you kiss me?
Nick : No.
End of Charlie’s imagination

Charlie’s Home
Jane : Charlie! Can you get the door please? It's probably the postman.
Charlie : Fine, one sec.
Nick : Hi.
Charlie : Hi.

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Emilie1905  (17.06.2022 à 20:36)

Je crois que la scène du baiser est une de mes préférées de la saison. Après c'est vrai que ce n'est que la première étape entre guillemets. Nick a encore beaucoup de chemin à faire avant de s'accepter pleinement.

natas  (16.06.2022 à 06:33)

ce first kiss, tellement chou

labelette  (15.06.2022 à 22:13)

Les titres des épisodes sont vraiment bien trouvés et j'aime beaucoup la manière dont ils apparaissent à l'écran, en français et en anglais.

Nick aime bien la compagnie de Charlie. Entendre Tara parler de sa copine, puis la voir heureuse avec elle, l'a je pense "décomplexé" (ce n'est pas le meilleur terme mais je ne trouve pas mieux) et incité à se rapprocher de Charlie. Mais il n'est pas (encore) prêt à affronter le regard des gars de sa classe, qui n'hésitent pas à se moquer de Charlie et de son homosexualité.

On peut le comprendre car ça fait quand meme pas mal de changements pour lui en peu de temps. Il va falloir qu'il se fasse petit à petit à l'idée et qu'il s'accepte tel qu'il est avant de pouvoir s'affirmer.


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