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#104 : Secret

Bannière Heartstopper - Nick et Charlie

Charlie et Nick décident de cacher leur relation à l'école, le temps que Nick trouve des réponses à ses questions. Imogen demande à Nick de sortir avec elle.


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Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) aide Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) à se nettoyer le visage

Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) aide Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) à se nettoyer le visage

Nick et Charlie s'embrassent sous la pluie, protégés par un parapluie

Nick et Charlie s'embrassent sous la pluie, protégés par un parapluie

Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) et Tara (Corinna Brown) se prennent des remarques lors de leur repas

Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) et Tara (Corinna Brown) se prennent des remarques lors de leur repas

Elle Argent (Yasmin Finney) et Tao Xu (William Gao) encouragent Charlie pendant son match de rugby

Elle Argent (Yasmin Finney) et Tao Xu (William Gao) encouragent Charlie pendant son match de rugby

Plus de détails

Scénario : Alice Oseman
Réalisation : Euros Lyn

Distribution :

  • Kit Connor : Nick Nelson
  • Joe Locke : Charlie Spring
  • Georgina Rich : Jane Spring
  • Rhea Norwood : Imogen Heaney
  • Cormac Hyde-Corrin : Harry Greene
  • Evan Ovenell : Christian McBride
  • Ashwin Viswanath : Sai Verma
  • Corinna Brown : Tara Jones
  • Kizzy Edgell : Darcy Olsson
  • Yasmin Finney : Elle Argent
  • Fisayo Akinade : Mr. Ajayi
  • Araloyin Oshunremi : Otis Smith
  • Chetna Pandya : Coach Singh
  • Ella Purvis : Fille 1
  • Jessal Kullar-Bell : Fille 2
  • Hesper Holden : Petite fille 1
  • Tabitha Byron : Petite fille 2
  • William Gao : Tao Xu
  • Tobie Donovan : Isaac Henderson
  • Sebastian Croft : Ben Hope

Charlie’s Home – front hall
Nick : Um... I'm sorry for not texting you. Uh... I just wanted to talk in person.
Charlie : Okay.

Episode title card

Charlie’s Home – front hall
Charlie : Just... Just come in, you're getting soaked.
Nick : Yeah, good idea.
Charlie : Did you forget a coat?
Nick : Oh. Uh... Yeah, I didn't check the weather before I left.
Charlie : Idiot.
Nick : Um... So, about last night. Um... I just wanted to say...
Jane : Nick. I didn't know you were coming round.
Nick : Um... Yeah. Sorry, yeah.
Charlie : He's just picking up a jumper he left here last week.
Jane : Right. Uh, well, don't forget we're going to Grandma's this morning, Charlie. You could at least change out of your pajamas.
Charlie : Let's go to my room.

Charlie’s Room
Nick : Uh... So...
Charlie : I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. It was... I didn't think properly about what I was doing and... I did a stupid thing. I don't want you to feel awkward about it. It was all my fault.
Nick : Hang on.
Charlie : I shouldn't have kissed you. I bet you just felt pressured to do it because I asked, and you probably don't wanna talk to me again, but I at least had to say sorry. See if there's a chance we can still be friends?
Nick : Charlie...
Charlie : I don't want to lose you because I did something stupid.
Nick : Charlie.
Charlie : Um...
Nick : God. I'm so sorry, I... I'm just so sorry I ran away last night. I was just freaking out because, uh... I was confused and surprised and, like, honestly... I'm having a proper, full-on gay crisis. And it's not that I didn't want to, you know... kiss you. I just... I was just so confused. I've just been so, so confused. I just think I need some time to... figure this out.

Charlie’s Home – front hall
Nick : At school... is it okay if we, like...
Charlie : Keep this a secret?
Nick : Yeah. I just don't really know if I can, uh... You know. Come out as anything.
Charlie : Yeah. It's fine. Bye.
Nick : Bye.

Charlie : Nick!
Nick : Hi.
Charlie : Hi.
Nick : Did I forget something?
Charlie : Um... Yeah. Okay. Bye.

Outside of Truham
Nick : Hey.
Imogen : Hey. Something's different.
Nick : What?
Imogen : Have you changed your hair?
Nick : What? No.
Imogen : You have! I've known you since, like, Year 7. I can tell when something's changed. You look different.
Nick : It's different now you're messing with it.
Imogen : Don't worry, I'm a highly qualified hair stylist.
Nick : Qualified from where?
Imogen : The University of Hair Stylists.
Nick : Wow. Yeah, seems legit.
Imogen : Oh, I've got to go. I forgot I had morning detention.

Truham’s room B25
Charlie : Hi.
Nick : Hi.

Higgs’ class room
Darcy : Morning. What? Oh. Hi.
Tara : Hi.
Elle : Is this how it's going to be now? Am I officially the third wheel?
Tara : No.
Darcy : We're finally taking the opportunity to kiss as much as possible.
Tara : No, we're not. Did you finish your work?
Darcy : Probably.
Tara : Probably not, eh?
Message from Elle to Tao : miss you too!!!!

Truham’s art room
Mr. Ajayi : There's a boy in there, waiting for you.
Charlie : Oh. Yeah.
Mr. Ajayi : Is it the secret boyfriend or the straight boy crush?
Charlie : He's on the rugby team.
Mr. Ajayi : Hmm.
Charlie : I joined the rugby team.
Mr. Ajayi : Mmm. Of course you did. Don't get crumbs on the floor or I'll get told off by the cleaners. Again. Go on.

Nick : Hi.
Charlie : Hi.
Nick : I missed you.
Charlie : I saw you in form, like, four hours ago.
Nick : Sure your friends don't mind you eating lunch with me?
Charlie : Nah. They can deal with it. Clearly, I need to be here to get tips on how to be good at rugby.
Nick : Oh, really? So that's what this is actually all about then?
Charlie : Maybe.
Nick : Feels nice to be able to ditch my friends for once. All they want to do at lunch is just sit on the field and chuck stuff at people.
Charlie : Chuck stuff?
Nick : Yep. Mainly Harry. He's an idiot. My friends are nothing like you. Are we even allowed in here?
Charlie : Yeah. I used to come in here a lot last year. Like, when the bullying was really bad.
Mr. Ajayi was the only teacher who really cared that much.
Nick : Well, he was giving me evils before you got here.
Charlie : He must have thought you were Ben. I told him about the "Ben making me keep us a secret" thing. Not... I mean, that's nothing like what we're doing. You're nothing like him. This is completely different.
Nick : Yeah.

Truham’s rugby field
Coach : That's it boys, tackle low. Get over the ball. Kick it! Go for the tackle, boys.
Boy : Charlie!
Otis : Come on, man. For the third time!
Harry : Is he going to tackle anyone, or is he gonna stand there? Why did he even join the team?
Coach : All right. Boys, quick.
Otis : We all need to step up for the St. John's match.
Nick : Yeah.
Otis : If we can't even tackle them, we've got no chance. No chance at all.
Coach : You're on cone collection today, Charlie.
Charlie : Okay.
Coach : You gonna be okay for the match next week? I'd keep you on reserve for longer, but Kieran has an unavoidable dentist appointment.
Charlie : I'll be fine.
Coach : About the tackling, you've really got to commit to it, okay? Try not to worry about getting hurt and just throw yourself into it.
Charlie : Okay.
Coach : It's all about confidence.
Charlie : Well, it's hard to be confident when they all see me as a stereotypical gay boy who can't do sports.
Coach : A lot of gay people are good at sports, Charlie.

Charlie is training for tackling

Outside of Higgs
Girl 1 : Well, apparently they were kissing at Harry's party. Like, properly kissing.
Girl 2 : Yeah, well, some girls who are friends just do that.
Girl 3 : Actually, when you think about it, there are 1,200 people at this school, so at least a few of them are going to be lesbians.
Girl 4 : Maybe you're a lesbian and you have no idea.

Higgs’ Cafeteria
Elle : It'll die down soon, won't it?
Tara : I really, really hope so.
Imogen : Tara, I need to talk to you.
Darcy : Oh, God.
Tara : Hi, Imogen, what's up?
Imogen : One minute I hear you and Nick are a thing, the next I hear you're kissing some girl at Harry's party.
Darcy : Tara literally kisses her girlfriend at a crowded party, and people are still asking her if she's dating a guy she kissed once when she was 13?
Imogen : So that girl is her girlfriend?
Darcy : That girl? I'm right here!
Imogen : All right. Fine, I was just asking. Just so you know, me and Nick are together, so I just needed to check.
Elle : You and Nick Nelson are together?
Imogen : Mmm-hmm. I mean, pretty much. Look, we look cute together.
Elle : Yeah. Very cute.
Imogen : So you and Nick are definitely not...
Tara : I'm a lesbian.
Imogen : Okay. I'm not, like, homophobic. I'm an ally.
Tara : Congratulations?
Darcy : We thank you for your service.

Lunch Table – Outside of Truham
Tao : I bet Charlie's eating lunch with Nick again. He's been eating lunch with him a lot.
Isaac : Well, they're in the honeymoon phase.
Tao : It's not even like they're dating.
Isaac : Unless they are.
Tao : I mean... Look at them. It's a bad idea to even walk near them, let alone actually befriend one of them. Charlie's putting himself in danger just because he has a little unrequited crush.
Harry : Oi, catch. Sorry, mate. Oh, my God.
Nick : You okay?
Tao : Yes.
Nick : Can I have the ball back?
Tao : No. It's mine now.
Boys : Ooh. Ooh!

St John' rugby field
Charlie : So, all my friends are showing up in a bit to watch me play.
Nick : All your friends?
Charlie : Tao, Isaac and Elle. I've said they really didn't have to come, but... Elle said they wanted to be supportive.
Nick : Oh. That's... That's nice.
Charlie : Don't worry. I won't say anything about us.
Nick : Oh. Yeah, good. Thanks. You sure it's okay?
Charlie : Yeah. Of course.
Harry : Not going to flake out today, are you Charlie ?
Charlie : No.
Harry : We're counting on you.
Charlie : They're here. I'll be right back.
Coach : Let's line up. Groups of three for the passing exercise. Let's go.

Elle : Hi.
Charlie : Oh, my God, I missed you.
Elle : You too.
Tao : Excuse me, where's our hug?
Charlie : I see you all the time.
Elle : So this is Tara and Darcy.
Charlie : Yeah. Hi.
Darcy : Charlie! My guy. I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm mainly here to get acquainted with the local gays, but, you know, you and Nick Nelson are looking suspiciously couple-y.
Tara : Oh, my God, please ignore her.
Charlie : We're friends. He's my friend.
Darcy : Well, friends as in friends, or friends as in friends?
Elle : Darcy.
Charlie : Why? Are there rumors, or...
Darcy : No, no. Nothing but my gay intuition.
Charlie : I promise. We're totally platonic, good friends.
Darcy : Disappointing, but... Okay.

Harry : You all right, Nick? Oi, Nick! Come, come. Join in, yeah?

Charlie : Quick question. Why are the other team literal adult men?
Nick : They're a specialist sports school.

Tara : Oh, wow.
Darcy : Oh, God.

Charlie : Sorry. Nervous.

Capitain : Be dominant. We have to show them who we are, what we're proud of, yeah, boys? One, two, three! Come on, boys.

Nick : All right, line up, boys.

Imogen : Come on, Nicholas!
Ben : Harry, don't let the game go soft.

Tao : So, does anyone remember the rules of rugby because I don't.
All : No.

Imogen : Come on, Nicholas!

Elle : Ooh.

Nick : Come on. Let's go, boys. Come on! Head up!

Tara : There we are, yeah.

St Joghn's Boys : Five, six, seven. Heave!

Nick : Charlie!

Elle : Ow.
Tao : Oh, my gosh.

Coach : Get back up, Charlie.

Elle : Yes, Charlie!
Tara : Shake it off, it's fine! Come on!
Darcy : Yes!

Nick : Hold it.

Harry : Mate. See that number 14, yeah? He definitely has something for you, mate. A crush or something, mate.

Tao : Is Harry Green picking on Charlie?
Elle : Maybe they're friends.
Tao : That's even worse. Next, Charlie will be bringing the whole rugby team to our film night and making us watch Avengers or something.
Elle : Is that your nightmare scenario? Watching a movie you hate with people you don't like very much?
Tao : Charlie's befriending bullies, and our friendship group is falling apart. Take this seriously.
Elle : Hey. I didn't come to risk seeing all the Truham Boys who used to pick on me just for you to tell me our friendship group's falling apart.

Harry : Go after him, mate. 100%.
Nick : All right. Boys, set up. Set up. Go on, mate. Keep your head up, Charlie.
Coach : Hang in there, boys.
Nick : Come on!

Nick : Charlie!

Nick : Is it okay if we, like...
Charlie : Keep this a secret?
Nick : Yeah.

Coach : Okay, that's it, I'm calling it. This rain is too dangerous! Match is over! Everyone off the pitch!

St John's Infirmy
Nick : Hey.
Charlie : Hey.
Nick : Is your nose okay?
Charlie : I don't know.
Nick : Let me see. It looks fine.
Charlie : Cool.
Nick : You've got some mud on your face though.
Charlie : Um, sorry...
Nick : What?
Charlie : I'm really sorry for being all clingy and annoying. I'm making this so awkward. You wanted to keep us a secret and I'm messing it up.
Nick : I'm the one who should be saying sorry.
Isaac : Uh... Sorry... for, um... interrupting, but Ms. Singh told me to give you some... antiseptic wipes. Okay.
Nick : Um... I'd better go.
Charlie : Okay. Isaac won't say anything.
Nick : Yeah. Okay.

Outside of St John
Tao : Charlie's not going to give up on Nick Nelson, is he?
Elle : Highly doubt it.
Tao : Maybe we should just stop getting involved.
Elle : I can't believe you just actually suggested that. You, Tao Xu, King of Getting Involved.
Tao : Shut up. It was nice meeting your friends though.
Elle : Yeah?
Tao : Yeah. They seem cool.
Elle : They are.
Tao : Have they replaced us?
Elle : As if anyone could replace your incredibly annoying, loud presence in my life.
Tao : How dare you?

Harry : Who you waiting for?
Imogen : I was just waiting to see Nick.
Harry : Oh. Finally ready to make a move?
Imogen : Just piss off, Harry.
All : Ooh!
Harry : Okay, fine. If you're gonna be a coward about it.
All : Ooh, feisty.
Nick : Oh. Hey.
Imogen : Hey!
Nick : What's up?
Imogen : You did so good.
Nick : Uh, I mean, the match was cancelled and we were losing anyway, but... Thanks. So what's going on?
Imogen : I... I... wanted to ask you if, um... Like, this is really random. But maybe we could, like... go out somewhere. Together. Like, I guess sort of a... date. Or something.
Nick : Oh. Um...
Harry : Go on, Nick.
Nick : Yeah. I guess so, sure.
Harry : Yes, lad. Lads, let's get out of here.

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