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#107 : Harcèlement

Bannière Heartstopper - Harry et Otis

Après que Nick et Tao se sont tous deux battus avec Harry, Charlie craint de trop compliquer la vie de Nick et de mettre en péril son amitié avec Tao.


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Nick et Charlie discutent en attendant le popcorn

Nick et Charlie discutent en attendant le popcorn

Ben (Sebastian Croft) confronte Charlie (Joe Locke)

Ben (Sebastian Croft) confronte Charlie (Joe Locke)

Charlie, la mine sombre, arrive à l'école

Charlie, la mine sombre, arrive à l'école

Harry Greene (Cormac Hyde-Corrin) embête Tao Xu (William Gao)

Harry Greene (Cormac Hyde-Corrin) embête Tao Xu (William Gao)

Harry (Cormac Hyde-Corrin) et Otis (Araloyin Oshunremi) ont vu un de leurs camarades

Harry (Cormac Hyde-Corrin) et Otis (Araloyin Oshunremi) ont vu un de leurs camarades

Charlie a trouvé refuge dans la classe d'arts plastiques

Charlie a trouvé refuge dans la classe d'arts plastiques

Le britannique Joe Locke incarne Charlie Spring

Le britannique Joe Locke incarne Charlie Spring

Plus de détails

Scénario : Alice Oseman
Réalisation : Euros Lyn

Distribution :

  • Joe Locke : Charlie Spring
  • Jenny Walser : Tory Spring
  • Sebastian Croft : Ben Hope
  • Joseph Balderrama : Julio Spring
  • Kit Connor : Nick Nelson
  • Cormac Hyde-Corrin : Harry Greene
  • Ashwin Viswanath : Sai Verma
  • Evan Ovenell : Christian McBride
  • Araloyin Oshunremi : Otis Smith
  • Olivia Colman : Sarah Nelson
  • Echo : Nellie (le chien de Nick)
  • William Gao : Tao Xu
  • Yasmin Finney : Elle Argent
  • Momo Yeung : Yan Xu
  • Kush Mukerji : Etudiant 1

Charlie's house – front hall
Tori : Going somewhere?
Charlie : Jesus, Tori.
Tori : What?
Charlie : How do you just appear out of nowhere?
Tori : Older sister magic. Where are you going?
Charlie : Nick's invited me to the cinema with his friends.
Tori : Oh. Okay.
Charlie : What?
Tori : No, nothing. Glad Nick's such a nice... friend.
Charlie : Well, yeah. He is. But, um... Actually, we're... Me and Nick, we're kind of going out.
Tori : Called it.
Charlie : You can't tell anyone. He's not even out to his mom.
Tori : I know, I know. I'm happy for you. You've liked him for ages.
Charlie : Thanks.
Tori : You're hanging out with his mates now?
Charlie : Yeah. Why?
Tori : I've seen them at parties and stuff. They don't seem that nice compared to Nick.
Charlie : I'll be fine.
Tori : None of them know about you and Nick?
Charlie : Obviously not.
Tori : Okay. So is he your boyfriend?
Charlie : We're not ready to label it yet, we're just... You know.
Tori : "You know."
Charlie : Shut up.
Tori : Well done. Your crush on him was super embarrassing.
Charlie : Go away.

Charlie’s memories
Charlie : So, I was wondering if you wanted to come over. Just to hang out.
Ben : We hang out at school though.
Charlie : Yeah, but... I thought... since we're boyfriends...
Ben : What? We're not boyfriends. Why would you think that?
End of Charlie’s memories

Julio's Car
Julio : Pickup at 10:00, okay?
Charlie : Yep.
Julio : Charlie.
Charlie : Yeah?
Julio : If any of those boys says anything, does anything nasty, you just call me, okay?
Charlie : Nick's going to be there. I'll be fine.

Outside of cinema
Nick : Hi.
Charlie : Hi.

Charlie : Um, are you sure your friends are going to be okay with me being here?
Nick : Yeah, of course. You'll be fine. Ben and Harry aren't coming. What, are you nervous?
Charlie : I don't know. They all probably think I'm this, like, gay nerd.
Nick : Well, you kind of are a gay nerd.
Charlie : Shut up, rugby lad. 

Harry : All right. Look, Nick and his best mate. Why did he even bring him?
Nick : Oh.
Harry : Oi. Just look at him behind him. Like a little girl.

Episode title card

Boy : Is he your mate, Ben?
Ben : Who, Charlie? Never even spoken to him.
Harry : Why can't any of you ever bring a girl with you?
Nick : Let's get popcorn. Do you prefer sweet or salted? Or we could get a mix of both.
Charlie : I'm not really hungry, to be honest. You get some though.
Nick : Char... Are you okay? I honestly had no idea they'd be here. I wouldn't have suggested we come if I'd known.
Charlie : Char?
Nick : Uh... Wow, that just slipped out.
Charlie : Oh, my God, say it again.
Nick : No. No.
Charlie : Go on. I like it. It's cute.
Nick : Now I'm never calling you it again. 

Charlie : Sorry.You're a dork.

Charlie : I can't believe what a wimp you are.
Nick : Uh, you jumped at all the scares too.
Charlie : No, I jumped when you screamed, that's all.
Harry : So, Charlie Spring, quick question. What's it like being gay?
Charlie : It's fine.
Harry : You don't seem that gay, to be honest. You do sound sort of gay, but that's it. Do you like musicals?
Nick : Harry, can you just piss off, please?
Harry : What sort of guys do you like then?
Charlie : I don't know.
Harry : What about Harry Styles? He's pretty sexy.
Charlie : I guess.
Nick : Just leave it.
Harry : What about Nick? Do you think he's hot?
Charlie : Are you joking? Nick's not even my type.
Harry : You definitely have a crush on him.
Charlie : No.
Harry : You do.
Nick : Just stop.
Harry : Wow, take a joke, mate.

Outside of cinema
Charlie : My dad's here. I have to go.
Nick : Charlie. Hey. Wait. I'm so sorry.
Charlie : It's fine.
Nick : No. Harry was being a complete idiot and some of the others were being really unfriendly and... We should have just left.
Charlie : Nick. I'm honestly used to it by now. I'll see you at school.

Ben : Charlie. I saw you holding hands with him. In the cinema. Are you going out with him then?
Charlie : No.
Ben : But you are getting with him?
Charlie : No.
Ben : Don't lie. Well, I believe thatyou're not going out with him. As if anyone would ever want to go out with someone as desperate as you.
Charlie : You did.
Ben : Are you joking? You actually thought I liked you? You were there like some tragic loser with barely any friends, who ate lunch alone and let bullies walk over you. I never liked you. I'm not even gay. I just felt really sorry for you.
Julio : Charlie. Ready to go?
Charlie : Yeah.

Julio's Car
Julio : Are you okay? What was that about?
Charlie : Nothing.
Julio : Are you sure?
Charlie : Yes.
Julio : Right. Let's go home.

Nick : Go on then. What's your problem with Charlie?
Harry : He doesn't exactly fit in with us, does he? He can't play rugby, he's got this weird friend who won't leave me alone. You can't just bring some gay boy into our group and expect us all to immediately love him.
Nick : So this is a problem with him being gay?
Harry : Come on, none of us are being homophobic.
Nick : Just shut up, Harry! You made him so uncomfortable with your gay questions.
Harry : Someone really needs to learn to take a joke.
Nick : But you weren't joking though, were you? You saw the perfect opportunity to make someone feel miserable and humiliated, as usual.
Harry : I'm sure he can deal with it. He's probably used to it by now. Aw. You're getting so angry. You can't help wanting to protect him, can you? Because he's a pathetic little fag.

Sarah's Car
Sarah : So are you going to tell me what happened?
Nick : There's not really anything to tell.
Sarah : Oh, Nicky, come on, baby.
Nick : Harry was saying some really nasty stuff about Charlie. He's been really gross and mean about him for ages, and I just... I lost it. I'm just so angry at myself for not seeing that all my friends... suck.
Sarah : Sweetheart, fighting is not the answer.
Nick : I know. He just used a really bad word.
Sarah : I see. Charlie's a really special friend, isn't he?
Nick : Yeah. He is.

Outside of Truham
Harry : Looking for your boyfriend? I know I'm attractive, mate. There's no need to stare.
Charlie : What happened to you?
Harry : Ask Nick Nelson. He's got some serious anger issues.
Charlie : Did you have a fight?
Harry : He can't seem to take a joke anymore. You know I was only joking in the cinema? Yet he starts fighting when I've done nothing.
Tao : What's going on? You okay?
Charlie : It's fine. Let's just go.
Harry : You all right, mate? You want to fight too?
Tao : You clearly didn't get hugged much as a child, but if you're craving human contact that badly, you could just say so.
Charlie : Tao. Just leave it. Everything's fine.
Harry : Yeah, maybe listen to your boyfriend. At least he knows his place.

Truham’s room B25
Nick : Hi.
Charlie : What happened?
Nick : Oh, uh... Yeah. I kind of got into a fight. With Harry. After you left and I went back to the group, he... he started saying some... things about you. I just lost it. And punched him, and... yeah.
Charlie : Nick. You didn't have to do that. I promise, I'm used to people saying stuff about me.
Nick : No, but you shouldn't have to be. People shouldn't be saying stuff about you in the first place. You shouldn't have to put up with anything like that.
Charlie : I'm sorry.
Nick : No. You're not allowed to say the "s" word. I don't want to be friends with those people anymore.
Charlie : I don't expect you to dump your friends for me. Some of the rugby boys are nice.
Nick : Even they just... stood there. I'm tired of all of them.

Tao : I think it was my fault.
Elle : What was?
Tao : Harry picking on me and Charlie. I knew this would happen. I could handle it 'cause I can stick up for myself, but Charlie can't. So I've been like... fighting back.
Elle : Fighting?
Tao : Verbally fighting back.
Elle : You know that'll make you both a target.
Tao : Yeah, I can see that now. I just kept thinking about how bad it was for Charlie last year. I just made things worse. Sorry. I feel like I'm always off-loading my problems onto you.
Elle : I mean, I did the same thing to you in my last term at Truham, so it's basically payback. Harry just thinks it's fun to pick on people. He was in my maths class last year.
Tao : Did he ever say anything to you?
Elle : Yeah. Sometimes. Surprise, he's transphobic as well.
Tao : You should have said something. We could have told a teacher...
Elle : Yeah. Maybe. But it wasn't like he was the only one saying stuff to me. I'm not surprised Nick started a fight with him. If Harry was being a dick to Charlie, of course.
Tao : Is there something going on between Nick and Charlie? There is, isn't there?
Elle : Yeah. They're going out.
Tao : Who else knows?
Elle : Um... Isaac, Tara and Darcy. But Charlie wants to tell you himself. Well, he said he wanted to tell you himself.
Tao : When did he tell you?
Elle : At the milkshake cafe.
Tao : That was ages ago. I feel so stupid. I should go. My mum's probably waiting.
Elle : Tao.
Tao : See you later.
Elle : Wait.

Charlie's bedroom
Message from Charlie to Nick : can we meet for lunch tomorrow?
Message from Nick to Charlie : Yeah of course!! You ok?

Tao's house
Elle : Hi.
Yan : Elle, come in!
Elle : How are you?
Yan : Oh, what a surprise!
Elle : Hi.
Tao : Hi.
Yan : Uh, make sure you leave the bedroom door open a tad, okay?
Tao : What are you doing here?
Elle : Um... Want to eat cookies and watch a film?

Tao's bedroom
Elle : Is it... a potato?
Tao : It's supposed to be a shoe.
Elle : Oh.
Tao : Look, we all know me taking Art GCSE was a mistake.
Elle : It's fixable. Here. See? That's better.
Tao : Thanks. I'll treasure this shoe-potato always. Sorry about earlier. I know it's not your fault he hasn't told me.
Elle : Charlie does want to tell you.
Tao : I think I know why he hasn't. He thinks I'll say something stupid and out Nick to all of Nick's mates. And obviously he cares more about Nick's feelings than mine. Once you get into a relationship, friendships don't matter anymore.
Elle : Or maybe he thinks you'll force Nick to watch Donnie Darko like you did with us.
Tao : Shut up, it's a good movie. It's just complicated. I don't know why I'm so afraid of being alone.
Elle : That's how I felt. My first term. I got scared. Everything turned out okay.

Truham's Cafeteria / Table lunch
Message from Tao to Charlie : lunch on the field today? isaac has librairy duty so i'm alone
Message from Charlie to Tao : i'll be there in a bit!! i said i'd get lunch with nick
Message from Tao to Charlie : don't bother. we're barely friends anymore

Truham's Cafeteria
Nick : Hey. You okay?
Charlie : Um...

Lunch Table – Outside of Truham
Harry : All right, mate? Not in the mood for that fight, then?
Tao : Only if it's in the form of a board game or a cake-eating contest.
Boy : What's he on about?
Harry : What's this?
Tao : Hey.
Harry : Tao and Elle? Who's Elle?
Tao : Just give it back.
Harry : Aw! Did your girlfriend draw it?
Tao : Just give it back now.
Harry : Come and get it. Oi, lads, look at this.
Tao : I hate you!
Harry : You're going to regret that!

Truham's Cafeteria
Charlie : So I was thinking about me and you.
Nick : Okay.
Charlie : And I just think... I mean the fight with Harry was my fault.
Nick : It wasn't though.
Charlie : It was. It was my fault. Becoming friends with you and, you know, everything that's happened. I've been making your life really difficult. So I was thinking... maybe it would be better if... if we just... Um...
Boy : Come on! Harry Greene's fighting a Year 10 by the picnic tables.

Outside of Truham
Tao : Just leave us alone!
Teacher : Break it up!
Charlie : Tao! What happened? Tao : Why didn't you tell me about you and Nick?
Charlie : What?
Tao : I thought we were friends, but you've forgotten about me.
Charlie : Tao...
Tao : This is all your fault. Just leave me alone!

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labelette  (27.06.2022 à 22:42)

Ah la la, quelle horreur le harcèlement ! Pauvre Charlie... Et dire qu'il s'en accomode. Nick a raison, ce n'est absolument pas normal. Dans son malheur, il a de la chance d'avoir un père qui le soutient.

Je suis un peu à la ramasse, je n'avais jamais tilté que l'année dernière Elle était dans une école de gars et cette année dans une école de filles. Au bout du 7ème épisode, j'ai compris !


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